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Argomento:Anticorruzione, Trasparenza, Contratti pubblici
Categorie:Relazioni internazionali
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20 set 2023

Anac - Information and transparency - 20.09.2023

Information and transparency are cornerstones of Anac's activity. 
They constitute the fundamental tool in order to promote a culture of legality, prevent corruption and malfeasance, increasing administrative integrity by strengthening trust in institutions.
This means, first of all, complete access to the administrative documents produced by the Authority, so that citizens can know their contents and the implications for their own community, becoming active key player of participation in public life and in building the Common Good.

Fundamental is, then, the creation of a large daily information that makes known the activities of Anac, its decisions, the in-depth work in the territory through collaborative supervision, guidelines, resolution of disputes, or through inspection activities, and other. In short, being able to provide citizens, public opinion, institutions, the economic and social world with useful tools to learn what the AntiCorruption Authority does, and the role its actions play in the positive growth of the Country and in the promotion of Public Ethics. 

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